Story Profilers

They Both Die at the End, by Adam Silvera

Adam Silvera’s They Both Die at the End could easily be the setting of a dystopian novel in need of determined heroes to reset the status quo. In it, a company called … Continue reading

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The Lost Boys

To get into the Halloween spirit, I recently rented an ’80s vampire classic I’ve been meaning to watch for a while: The Lost Boys. Or, as my friend described it when … Continue reading

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The Identity and Community of Steve Orlando’s Midnighter

The Steve Orlando-written Midnighter and its follow-up miniseries Midnighter and Apollo were mainstays in comics discussion while they were running. While the superhero flavoring is laid on thick — Midnighter has a well-earned reputation … Continue reading

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Flashback: Over Sea, Under Stone, by Susan Cooper

Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising, the second book in the series of the same name, was one of my first fantasy loves. Its McGuffin plot of gathering elemental medallions to … Continue reading

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The Fireman, by Joe Hill

In Joe Hill’s The Fireman, a dangerous spore has infected humanity. Black, scaly patterns glittering with flecks of gold rise on the skin of those infected. It can be beautiful, but … Continue reading

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The Backstagers, Volume 1

The Backstagers, in a word, sparkles. First off, accolades. This inclusive comic, featuring an ensemble cast across the racial and LGBTQ spectrums, was honored last month at the inaugural Prism … Continue reading

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Flashback: A Wrinkle in Time

Every few months, I spend a day or two distracted by kid’s books. An old title on the bookshelf will jump out at me or I’ll be laying in bed … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Reading and Growing Up

I am 24 years old and too old for science fiction and fantasy. I was, in fact, too old for them at the age of 9, when my parents dutifully … Continue reading

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Three Moments of an Explosion, by China Mieville

Art is political. The stories we choose to tell, with the characters and circumstances we use to shape their themes, make statements about society through the journeys of individuals and cultures. Genre … Continue reading

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In (Very Belated) Honor of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was March 8 so, as in all things, I am late. Regardless, I wanted to take some time to talk about women who have impacted my life with … Continue reading

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