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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Chew, A.K.A Psychic Ninja Cannibal Secret Agents

Chew is a bizarre mash-up of an idea that seems like it probably shouldn’t work, but pulls off every bizarre twist with aplomb and a bit of dark humor. In this … Continue reading

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Beanstalk, by E. Jade Lomax

Courtesy of author E. Jade Lomax, Beanstalk is the first book in the Leagues and Legends series, followed by Echoes of a Giantkiller and the forthcoming Remember the Dust, both of which have … Continue reading

February 21, 2016 · 1 Comment

The Revenant, A.K.A. Leo DiCaprio Cosplays as Luke Skywalker on Hoth

Movie Profile: Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu (of Birdman fame) Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio begging for an Oscar as leading man Hugh Glass; Tom “I didn’t even realize it was him until the … Continue reading

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