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Daytripper, by Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá

Daytripper is an Eisner Award-winning graphic novel written and drawn by Brazilian twin brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, and published by Vertigo. With a shell of magical realism, Daytripper pulls … Continue reading

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Shades of Grey – you know, the one by Jasper Fforde? Without the 50?

Do you want to know the real reason I dislike E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey? Well, beyond the fact that I just wasn’t interested in the book and, as internet … Continue reading

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Comics 2-in-1, Round 2

Continuing my dive into comics, I took some recommendations from a couple trusted sources and picked up the first volumes of Copperhead and The Autumnlands. In the process of widening the scope … Continue reading

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Comics 2-in-1 Review Post

I recently went on a couple comics shopping sprees (shout out to Barnes & Noble for having a Buy 2 Get 1 free deal on Image comics a while back), … Continue reading

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I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son, by Kent Russell

Kent Russell’s I Am Sorry to Think I Have Raised a Timid Son is a combination memoir and essay collection. As noted on the back cover (and the majority of reviews … Continue reading

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Books and their Timing: The Superficial Rating of Art

For all I tell myself that I am objective in how I view the books I read, the movies I watch, and in general any media I consume, I am … Continue reading

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“Fucking Tara”: How The Wicked+The Divine Made Us All Murderers

The Wicked+The Divine, about gods reincarnated as pop stars, collectively called the Pantheon, to inspire humanity, is one of a growing handful of comics that has earned enough of my … Continue reading

March 27, 2016 · 1 Comment

Thoughts on Echoes of a Giantkiller, by E. Jade Lomax

Around two weeks ago, I posted my review of Beanstalk, a fantasy novel by E. Jade Lomax about a group of fledgling heroes drawn together by luck at a training academy. In it, … Continue reading

March 6, 2016 · 3 Comments

Chew, A.K.A Psychic Ninja Cannibal Secret Agents

Chew is a bizarre mash-up of an idea that seems like it probably shouldn’t work, but pulls off every bizarre twist with aplomb and a bit of dark humor. In this … Continue reading

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Beanstalk, by E. Jade Lomax

Courtesy of author E. Jade Lomax, Beanstalk is the first book in the Leagues and Legends series, followed by Echoes of a Giantkiller and the forthcoming Remember the Dust, both of which have … Continue reading

February 21, 2016 · 1 Comment