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Monthly Archives: July, 2015

Book Review: An Authentic Derivative

Title: An Authentic Derivative Author: Caleb Coy Genre: Self-Published, Millennials, Philosophy, Intro to Adulthood, Struggling Artist Stories Personal Score: 6/10 An Authentic Derivative is Caleb Coy’s first novel, self-published with the help … Continue reading

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Ant-Man: Marvel’s Overlooked Hero

Title: Ant-Man Rating: PG-13 Genre: Marvel Cinematic Universe with Ants, Comedy with Ants, Drama with Ant(ony), Father-Daughter Bonding Time with Ants, Ants Director: Peyton Reed Personal Rating: 8.75/10 With $58 … Continue reading

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Viewing Life from the Inside Out

Title: Inside Out Rating: PG Genre: Disney-Pixar Animation, Soul-Crushing Feels, Psychological Action-Adventure Director: Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen Personal Rating: 7.5/10 The Inside Story Within each person’s consciousness, stationed in … Continue reading

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