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Happy New Year!

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year! And a happy holiday season to everyone, no matter your beliefs or celebrations! Between family coming down for the holiday, returning to work, and my laptop charger breaking (the poor computer died on the 27th and I still haven’t got a new charger for it), I’ve been hard-pressed to find substantial time to spend on a computer.

So, for the purpose of brevity, and in the name of literature and holidays, I figured I’d make a short post to share the bookish delights I have to look forward to in the new year:


My New Year looks to have a lot of art in it! Yes, that is a coloring book in the middle, and I am hoping to have enough patience to actually finish a picture in one sitting. We’ll see. I’ve actually already read Overture (and will re-read because I could just drown in some of the art) and Chrononauts, so I’ll hopefully nab enough computer time to write up some thoughts on those soon.


And here are my no-picture books, which will be added to once I use the Barnes & Noble gift cards I got in the mail a couple days ago. Trigger Warning will be the first of Gaiman’s short story collections I get to read, and I’ve had Midnight’s Children on my list for ages. Rushdie always leaves me feeling like I’m missing something (based on reading The Satanic Verses anyway), so I look forward to exploring his writing again. Meanwhile, Felicia Day is phenomenal and her memoir has had some excellent reviews. And everyone loves folk tales, yeah?

Also, this is Brian:


He’s my new pet Pokemon (a Tyrunt!) dinosaur who can perch on my arm like a tiny attack beast and guards my car.

So what’s everyone else reading in the new year? Did you get any adorable, amazing gifts this holiday season? Feel free to share in the comments!


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