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Christmas Countdown, Day 9: Hawkeye

In my valiant quest to catch my posting up to the calendar, here is the second Christmas recommendation for today, doing duty for three days ago.

If you keep a finger on the comics pulse, or at least on Marvel comics, you are probably aware of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s award-winning run on Hawkeye. The series is critically acclaimed, beloved by fans, and home to one of the most relatable moments in hero comics:


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, coffee. (Hawkeye #2)

Hawkeye features the two bow-and-arrow sharpshooters sharing the title, Avenger Clint Barton and Young Avenger Kate Bishop, with their canine companion Lucky, perhaps better known as Pizza Dog. The series chronicles the criminal intrigue they poke with an arrow during time off from their respective teams. As their only “superpowers” are excellent marksmanship and a near superhuman ability to take a punch, even their best plans tend to take unexpected and disastrous turns. And what comes about in the aftermath? Emotional depth! Character development! Riveting relationships, familial dysfunction, and a steadily developed mystery that pulls together for an explosive end!

Fraction and Aja’s run is divided into four volumes. Volume 1 is titled “My Life as a Weapon,” 2 is “Little Hits,” 3 – “L.A. Woman,” and 4 – “Rio Bravo.” If your target gift recipient is just beginning to explore the Marvel waters or is as yet unconvinced by the indisputable awesomeness that is Hawkeye, I’d recommend hitting them with the first volume or two and leaving it there. However, if they are already established in the Marvelverse and have the appropriate appreciation for our beloved sharpshooting hero, you may want to aim higher. You may want to consider…. the Omnibus, containing the entire run in a single hardback volume!


Alternatively, perhaps you have a friend already well-versed in this tale of Hawkeyes, who praises the bravery of pizza dogs and cringes in sympathetic secondhand embarrassment at the antics of Hawk-guy and Lady Hawkeye. In that case, they might be interested in All-New Hawkeye, Volume 1.


Unfortunately, I haven’t actually read this one yet and can’t offer any thoughts on it. Do note that All-New Hawkeye features Jeff Lemire as writer and Ramon Perez as artist.



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