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Christmas Countdown, Day 7: Out of Print

Rounding out my online shopping gift lists is a look into the magical world of Out of Print Clothing, specializing in all your book-wearing needs, and other fun paraphernalia. Note in advance that they carry t-shirts fitted for both men and women. And now I’m going to start off with a design near and dear to my nostalgic heart:

1. This Choose Your Own Adventure shirt:


If, growing up, you weren’t blessed with a collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books, I am so so sorry. Please find one. They’re a special moment in literary history. And if that doesn’t appeal, I guess Neil Patrick Harris’ Choose Your Own Autobiography can work as an alternative. The back of the shirt (which you can see here) offers you a choice: Will you join the evil Power Master or refuse his demands? Will your adventure end here or can you save the day? If you wish to purchase this shirt, click here. If you wish to peruse some other options, continue reading.

2. Endless Poe-ka dots:

Ah, Poe, an author with a name subject to so many memes and puns it’s hard to believe his writing is so dark. Do you want Edgar Allan Poe polka dotting your belongings? Got friends just itching to proclaim their fascination with the dark, mysterious, and literary in a way that’s quirky and sure to get people asking questions? These will do the trick. Take a closer look at these and other Poe items right here.

3. These surprisingly nice coaster sets:

For the discerning bibliophile who decorates their living space like a library, these are a perfect, subtle addition to the atmosphere. The Classics set features art for Pride and Prejudice, Catch-22Invisible Man, and 1984, while the Sci-Fi set group includes The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I, Robot, Mind of My Mind and Brave New World. Notably, Out of Print also has coaster sets for Punk Rock Authors and multicolored library cards.

4. A Gatsby-inspired necklace for two:

gatsby necklace

Out of Print has a jewelry selection containing references from Moby Dick to Alice in Wonderland. The East-West Egg necklace pair pictured above, taken from iconic imagery in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, is a surefire symbol of literary friendship and love. If you’ve got an American Classics-loving significant other in your life, this might be the gift that carries their Christmas to perfection. And just so you know, it also comes in gold.

5. So many t-shirts. So. So. Many.


The four designs above are just some of my favorites (and reflect some of my favorite books over the years), so the full collections (men’s and women’s, but there are very few differences in the lists) are well worth taking a look at. Fun fact: the plot diagram shirt is part of a literary terms shirt series that should make any literary nerds or English majors in your life swoon. You also have the option of browsing through their inventory by author, if you want to do a quick check for any specific book representation.

If you have the time to browse, Out of Print could be an excellent source for gifts. What hardcore readers don’t want to show off their favorite books and flair for literary style? Of course, if you’re not sure about their book-inspired items, you could always just order a book. Which they also carry. The book selection might not be huge, but some of those covers are simply gorgeous.


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