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Christmas Countdown, Day 6: Best of ThinkGeek

As I mentioned in an earlier post, ThinkGeek is consistently one of my favorite websites for gift shopping. So here, compiled via a couple hours of casual browsing, is a top 5 list of the quirky things available (Note: I am not affiliated with ThinkGeek in any way; I just spent a lot of money there in the past month):

1. Soap

MULTIGENERATIONAL VIDEO GAME SOAP. WITH PUNS. Literally the best thing. I am legitimately giving people soap for Christmas and I am not ashamed.

2. All the mugs. Every single one of them.

Do you want to look like you’re drinking dangerous lab chemicals? Go right ahead. Consume the fluids of Cthulu. Unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, all manner of gaming and movie mugs. Some of them even change with heat! If you don’t want to start a mug collection, go check out the ThinkGeek collection and realize you’re lying. There’s a mug in there for you.

3. These gifts will let you turn life into a game:

Their tabletop gaming selection is incredibly impressive. I’m not big into it myself, but I have friends who are. Here we have ice molds, a bowl set, another mug, and a cake mold. See the full selection here.

4. A Chain Mail Tie


Because why not. Aesthetic, eh?


5. Book Pillows


I mean, if you’re going to fall asleep reading late into the night, might as well make it comfy, yeah? Choose from Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, and Alice in Wonderland.

If you’re looking for a more traditional sort of gift, they also offer a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, Christmas sweaters, bathrobes, and sweatpants, so the options are almost enough to drown in.


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