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Christmas Countdown, Day 5: What a Marvelous Day!

The next few posts are going to cover various corners of the internet for gift ideas. As you no doubt guessed from the brilliantly original pun in the title, I’m going to focus in on the ever-popular Marvel franchises this go round. Here’s what we got:

1. Marvel Phase 2 Collection


As of today, December 8, the Amazon exclusive Blu-ray collection is on sale for $184.99. Yeah, it’s pricey, but Marvel has really pulled out the stops. In addition to the six Phase 2 movies from Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man (which also releases today, if you’re looking to score just the most recent Marvel movie), there is a bonus disc with over two and a half hours of exclusive content. This bonus content includes deleted scenes, a screen test with Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista, and all manner of commentary! The collection also includes items such as a page from the Sokovia Accords, which is the document that splits the hero community apart in the upcoming Civil War, a file on the Winter Soldier, and exclusive art.

2. Christmas Groot


2015 was a year full of discovery. I dove deeper into the comics sphere than ever before, to the point where graphic novels formed probably a good third of my reading for the year, I confronted the fact that it’s really hard to stay within bounds of a frugal monthly budget, and I found out that some of these Funko Pop! vinyls are really freakin’ cute. I haven’t bought any for myself yet, insisting despite the impulses of my heart that there’s no point in collecting them, but I have wrapped a couple up to give as gifts. And of all the adorable vinyl caricatures in cardboard boxes I’ve tossed around while shopping, baby Groot potted in a Christmas ribbon deserves all the figgy pudding. This is the gift of a baby sentient dancing Christmas tree. It’s seasonally appropriate, geeky, in tune with pop culture preferences (sapling Groot is still dancing in everyone’s soul; you know this to be true), and thus is Marvelous.

3. These Borderline Terrifying Avengers Mugs

I encountered these delightful specimens on ThinkGeek (Black Widow and Thor), one of my all-time favorite gift buying sites. They’re $14.99 each and should probably be given to someone with a sense of humor, at least if they threaten to give you nightmares as they do me. They will sit in the cabinet. Watching. Waiting. Collecting information and calculating risks. When the time is right, they will descend from the shelf or the hook or whatever they’re imprisoned in and they will make you pay for the injustice of drinking from their skulls. You might also consider checking out the rest of ThinkGeek’s Marvel merch here.

4. Just Kinda Browse the Marvel Online Store

One interesting thing I noticed while browsing Marvel’s online wares is that they have a ton of customizable clothing and accessories. Item listings may have numerous design choices and color options. It’s superb. The only downside is they don’t seem to have any Agent Carter … well, anything. Which seems strange considering Peggy Carter is amazing. Which brings us to…

5. Agent Carter Season 1


For some reason I can’t even begin to fathom, the first season of Agent Carter is an Amazon exclusive item. Thankfully, at time of writing the DVD version is $22.99 while the Blu-ray rings up at $32.99, which seems reasonable for such an excellent show. If you’re not up-to-date on your Marvel television, Agent Carter is the story of Peggy Carter’s fight against evil and the cultural values of 1940s America after World War II. In a world without Captain America, Peggy, portrayed by the endlessly talented Hayley Atwell, is the perfect person to uncover evil plots and punch stupidity right in the face. Heck, let’s be real, even in a world with Captain America, Peggy Carter is still probably the best choice. And so why is this such a perfect Christmas selection? Because Season 2 begins airing on ABC January 19, 2016. That’s barely over a month away!


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